Established in 1967 as a meat and cheese distribution route, York Street Market is a family owned and operated company that has evolved into a fresh food solution for customers seeking a higher standard of food quality and service. York Street Market is committed to delivering first-class product at an equitable price, striving to create a high-quality & cost-effective program for each customer. We do not want to be just another vendor for you; we want to be your partner! Here at York Street, we treat each customer as an extension of our family. We look to create long lasting relationships that flourish on meeting customer demands and the ever-growing opportunities.

Our Facility & Quality Assurance

It is the policy of York Street Market to supply safe, high quality, fresh and consistent products that exceed all regulatory requirements, as well as our customer expectations.

  • USDA
  • Third party audits
  • FDA
  • Temperature controlled rooms
  • Quality management system
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • 50,000 square foot facility
  • Ready-to-eat operation
  • Comprehensive Food Training Program

Locations Serviced

With a fleet of 200+ refrigerated trucks out of our Englewood, NJ & Cincinnati, OH commissaries, we have the capacity to service most locations in the US east of the Mississippi. Our area of coverage continues to expand.

Locations Serviced

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare Organizations Healthcare Organizations
  • Major Corporations Major Corporations
  • Colleges and Universities Colleges and Universities
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Deli & Supermarket Chains Deli & Supermarket Chains
  • Sports Arenas and Parks Sports Arenas and Parks
  • Airports Airports
  • Convention Centers Convention Centers